Steering Committee

The Steering committee is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara, overseeing policy and actions that affect the organization as a whole. The committee is headed by a chair(s) and consists of the chair(s) of each of the eight Women’s Fund sub-committees: Communications, Finance, Grantee Liaison, Membership, Operations, Presentation of Grants, Research and Site Visit.

Jayne Brechwald
Grantee Liaison
Linda Burrows
Event Operations
Sarah de Tagyos
Membership Chair
Mary Genis
Research Committee Co-Chair
Melissa Gough
Group Captain Liaison
Nancy Harter
Nominating Committee Chair
Shelley Hurst
Steering Committee Co-Chair
Susan Robeck
Communications Chair
Sandy Schoolfield
Research Committee Co-Chair
Laurie Tumbler
Steering Committee Co-Chair
Mary Wiemann
Site Visit Chair