Steering Committee

The Steering committee is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara, overseeing policy and actions that affect the organization as a whole. The committee is headed by a chair(s) and consists of the chair(s) of each of the eight Women’s Fund sub-committees: Communications, Finance, Grantee Liaison, Membership, Operations, Presentation of Grants, Research and Site Visit.

Joan Agress
Jayne Brechwald
Grantee Liaison
Linda Burrows
Event Operations
Sarah de Tagyos
Membership Chair
Mary Genis
Research Committee Co-Chair
Melissa Gough
Group Captain Liaison
Nancy Harter
Nominating Committee Chair
Shelley Hurst
Steering Committee Co-Chair
Susan Robeck
Communications Chair
Sandy Schoolfield
Research Committee Co-Chair
Laurie Tumbler
Steering Committee Co-Chair
Mary Wiemann
Site Visit Chair