Bulletin Board

Members have been asking us for other ways to help our grantees. So we've created the Bulletin Board. 
Each month we'll post requests from our grantees for much-needed items or calls for a helping hand.

Please contact the organizations directly if you have questions or to arrange drop-off of your donated items. Let them know you're with the Women's Fund. We deeply appreciate your continuing support of our grantees' work which is so vital to our community. 


 Showers of Blessings  Towels & Volunteers

We have an ongoing need for gently-used towels and new toothbrushes and toothpaste. We also are searching for a social media volunteer and volunteers to wash towels.

     Contact: Sally Hamilton               Board President         info@showersofblessingiv.org


 Santa Barbara Education Foundation
 Fruits & Vegetables 

The Santa Barbara Unified School District needs fruits and vegetables to be used in the freshly prepared, nutritious meals they're providing for members of the community, free-of-charge.

Since schools closed due to the pandemic in March, the SBUSD food services has provided nearly 700,000 meals to families in our community.

Contact: Matt Dittman

805-963-4338 x 6387
Margie Yahyavi



 Santa Barbara Education Foundation   
 Musical Instruments

Dust off those instruments you no longer play. Our year-round Instrument Drive welcomes all types of instruments from trumpets to violins, saxophones to guitars. But please, no pianos. 

Contact: Sammy Lepse  Sammy@SantaBarbaraEducation.org


 Santa Barbara Rescue Mission
Personal Hygiene Products, Treadmill & Vacuum 

Women’s Residential Recovery Program (24 women):
Feminine hygiene pads, ibuprofen/naproxen, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Sports bras (M-XL), underwear
(M-L) and socks. 

We also need a quality treadmill and a vacuum cleaner. 

Contact: Hannah Nelson
 (805) 966-1316 x107


 Santa Barbara Rescue Mission 
Pajamas, Shower Shoes, Undergarments & Socks

Women’s Homeless Shelter (39 women):
Pajamas (S-XXL), Sports bras/bralettes (S-XXL),Underwear
(S-XXL) Shower shoes/flip flops (sizes 5-11) and socks. 

Essential oils (for anxiety and sleep) and feminine hygiene pads. 

Contact: Hannah Nelson

 (805) 966-1316 x107


 Home Delivery Driver Volunteers

We have an ongoing need for Delivery Drivers in both North and South County. 
(The EOC, County Health, and Sherriff’s Department have approved our continued placement of volunteers as we continue
to provide essential services to the community.)

Contact: Jordan Jenkins  



Again, please contact the nonprofits directly to arrange drop off of your items. 
Let them know you're a member of the Women's Fund. Thank you!