2008-09 Grant Recipients

2008 AllforOne Youth and Mentoring in action - at the computer with student and mentor
2008-09 - $ 65,000

Program director to help high-risk youth make healthy choices and avoid gang involvement.

2008 Breast Cancer Resource Center two women in the pink
2008-09 - $ 30,000

Computer system to aid in providing peer support and information to cancer patients and their families.

2008 Casa Serena one-on-one personal counseling
2008-09 - $ 75,000

Resident scholarship fund to help women (with their children) complete a safe path to recovery from alcoholism.

2008 Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy 3 student speakers
2008-09 - $ 150,000

Funding for new building to expand hands-on science and engineering program for high school students.

2008 Future Leaders of America group with banner
2008-09 - $ 65,000

Latino youth leadership and education program designed to create college-educated, civic-minded role models who give back to their communities. 

2008 PathPoint student making presentation
2008-09 - $ 75,000

Rehabilitation specialist providing eviction prevention, crisis prevention, and recovery stabilization services for mentally ill adults impacted by government budget cuts

CORE at Santa Barbara Junior High School particiapants on board
2008-09 - $ 70,000

CORE at Santa Barbara Junior High School. Individualized intervention program designed to explore productive choices for at-risk 7th and 8th graders.

2008 Parent Project father with certificate
2008-09 - $ 35,000

Parent Project Parent-adolescent communication training to help strengthen relationships between elementary/junior high students and their families.

2008 SB Neighborhood Clinics nurse with a little patient
2008-09 - $ 80,000

Computer health tracking system upgrade designed to increase prevention exams and tests for women and to avoid emergency room visits for routine illnesses for women and their families.

2008 United Boys & Girls Club goup with boy in white t-shirt
2008-09 - $ 80,000

Funds to expand after-school programs for at-risk teens in areas vulnerable to gangs in Goleta, Carpinteria and Santa Barbara's Westside.


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