About W2D2

W2D2 group members enjoy the Celebration of Grants in May

We asked Captains Caryl Bowman and Judi Brooks to explain why and how they started the new W2D2 group last fall.
What prompted you to start a group?
We both have been Women's' Fund group members for over five years. We wanted to invite additional friends to join us, but we prefer a smaller group that can meet in a member's home, get to know each other well and bond. Ultimately we decided to leave the group we were in and start a new one before the year-end deadline so we could vote in the spring as our new group.

How did you select the people to invite to your first meeting?
As former neighbors and long-time friends, we both have wonderful friends we thought might be very compatible in a group. We wanted to include a variety of women: professionals and retired, newcomers and long-time residents; some new to WF and some members from previous groups. Mission accomplished.

Did/does your group have any common interests? 
The common bond we share with all groups is the desire to give back to women, children and families in this great community. The lives of our members intersect in so many ways—friends, moms, neighbors, interests, employment, other organizations, etc. We feel very fortunate that in less than a year we have built a strong relationship within our group.

How did the process work?
We invited some friends to come to an introductory meeting. Group Captain Liaison Stina Hans joined us and introduced everyone to the Women's' Fund and outlined the steps to forming a new group. All attendees were anxious to join. At that first meeting, we collaborated on a group name and W2D2 was formed. 

Stina then did the work behind the scenes so each group member could go online and join as a member of W2D2. It was really easy.

How often do you meet?
This fun, intelligent, generous group has met four times already in six months.  Friendships and philanthropy go hand in hand.

If you are interested in forming a group, please contact Stina Hans, Group Captain Liaison.

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