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  To Women’s Fund Researchers and Steerers:

This is the first step in the two-part trial designed to test a new Women's Fund electronic voting process. Please read the draft newsletter below as if you are a 2012 member receiving it in March prior to voting for our 2012-13 grantees.

For purposes of this trial, the content is last year's ballot and you are all considered Individual Members or Group Captains eligible to complete a ballot.

Please open this PDF link that contains the test version of the information listed in Step 1 below.

Within the next few days you will receive an e-mail from Survey Monkey with a link to the online ballot. If you don't see this email by December 12, check your spam folder to make sure it is not there. If you cannot find an e-mail from Survey Monkey, please let me know immediately.

Please remember this is a test - don't worry about what agencies you vote for but make sure you follow the guidelines so that we can determine if the directions are clear.

We look forward to your feedback. We have time to tweak the system to improve the procedure if necessary.

Thanks for your help.

Sallie Coughlin


Draft Newsletter Copy

To all 2012 Women’s Fund members:

It is time to vote for the local nonprofit agencies that will receive $500,000 in 2012-13 Women's Fund grants.

As you know, we are using an electronic voting process this year to reduce costs. So this newsletter is the first step in the process for you to express your wishes on where our grants pool should be directed.

Step 1:

The 2012-13 ballot package is available to all 2012 Women's Fund members via this link: (insert here) to a PDF document that contains the two documents list below that will be useful for planning your Individual Member or Group vote:

  • Women's Fund ballot (voting worksheet)
  • Ballot narratives (descriptions of agencies/programs on ballot)

We encourage all members to review this material carefully before attending your Group voting meeting (directed by your Group Captain) or before completing the official ballot via Survey Monkey if you are an Individual Member or Group Captain.

Step 2:

Who votes? As in the past,

  • Each Individual Member is eligible to complete one ballot (one vote)
  • Each Group is eligible to complete one ballot (one vote). Group captains will advise group members of the process you'll use to collect group preferences.

Individual Members and Group Captains will receive an e-mail from Survey Monkey with an imbedded link to the online Women's Fund ballot. You will be given directions on how to complete the online ballot.

Once you have submitted your vote you will not be able to make any changes; the program will only let you vote once.

Deadline for completing online ballot: Friday, April 5, 2013.

Presentation of Awards Luncheon (where grantees will be announced):
Monday, April 29, 2013.


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