A collective donor group, the Women's Fund of Santa Barbara enables women to combine their charitable dollars into significant grants focused on the critical needs of women, children and families in south Santa Barbara County.

  • We conduct our own rigorous research.
  • Members vote on how to distribute collected funds.
  • We have distributed $5.6 million in grants in the last decade.

We welcome all women who may join as individual members or part of a group.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Recent News

Every year after the Presentation of Grants, the Women’s Fund Steering Committee Co-Chairs change, and a new year begins under their leadership. This year our co-chairs are Shelley Hurst and Laurie Tumbler. Laurie returns after having served last year with Nancy Harter, and Shelley is brand new... Read More

We wanted to get to know D'Penguineer Friends, so we intreviewed Group Captain, Parm Williams.

What inspired you to join the Women’s Fund and when did you join?
Jo Gifford, a Women’s Fund founding member, asked me to join the Women’s Fund in 2004... Read More