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The Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara welcomes all women who want to make an impact in their community through focused, collective grantmaking to benefit women, children and families in southern Santa Barbara County. 

There are two types of annual Women's Fund memberships. You may be either an Individual member or a Group member—or you may choose to be both or belong to more than one group. Membership donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Here's how Individual and Group memberships work:

Group Membership

A woman becomes a Group Member by joining with other women who together contribute $2,750 (or more) in a calendar year. In the spring when we vote on how to distribute collected funds, each group receives one vote for every $2,750 contribution the group has made. There is no limit to the size of a group or how much a woman may contribute to a group.

Individual Membership

A woman becomes an Individual Member by contributing $2,750 (or more) in a calendar year.  In the spring when we vote on how to distribute collected funds, each Individual Member receives one vote for every $2,750 contribution, up to a limit of four votes.

See below for six ways you can pay your Women's Fund membership.

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If you would like to become both an Individual and group member, our database system requires that separate forms be submitted.

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