Past Grant Recipients

Low-income seniors have a better chance of staying in their homes with onsite physical and mental health support.
2019-20 - $ 100,000

Provide an on-site case management and health support team for low-income seniors.

New Home
2016-17 - $ 70,000

Expand the Peace Builders program to prevent bullying at three additional junior high schools.

2008 AllforOne Youth and Mentoring in action - at the computer with student and mentor
2008-09 - $ 65,000

Program director to help high-risk youth make healthy choices and avoid gang involvement.

Alpha Resource Center of Santa Barbara
2018-19 - $ 65,000

Purchase a wheelchair accessible van for clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities to participate in off-campus community activities.

Angels Foster Care of Santa Barbara: blue-eyed baby
2007-08 - $ 85,000

Salary for a licensed social worker to recruit and support 20 additional foster families, doubling the number of infants and toddlers placed in 2007.

2008 Breast Cancer Resource Center two women in the pink
2008-09 - $ 30,000

Computer system to aid in providing peer support and information to cancer patients and their families.

CADA Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse: counselor with student
2006-07 - $ 105,000

Youth Service System (YSS) program restructure to provide three licensed therapists in Santa Barbara secondary schools.

CADA - Judge administering oath
2017-18 - $ 75,000

Provide mental health support to help prevent possible reoffending and incarceration of Teen Court youth.

CALM Child Abuse Listening and Mediation: Mother and toddler sucking fingers
2006-07 - $ 100,000

Support for Great Beginnings, a program helping teen-led families.

CALM - Child Abuse Listening Mediation
2018-19 - $ 55,000

Provide onsite counseling to low-income Carpinteria families and their children having Adverse Early Childhood Experiences.

2010 Carpinteria Children's Project at Main costume group of kids
2010-11 - $ 135,000

Staff, computers, literacy software, books and learning materials to outfit the Early Childhood Literacy Lab.

CASA Court Appointed Special Advocates: little girl with white teddy bear
2006-07 - $ 180,000

Renovation and equipment for new, permanent headquarters.

CASA Woman with child in playground swing
2011-12 - $ 60,000

Case supervisor to work with trained volunteers who act as court-appointed advocates for foster children.

2007 Casa Pacifica case-workers and their cars
2007-08 - $ 55,000

Three cars for caseworkers and mental health professionals to deliver 24/7 crisis response and wrap-around services.

SAFTY Worker with client
2016-17 - $ 75,000

Expand rapid mobile crisis weekend response for children and youth experiencing a mental health emergency.

2008 Casa Serena one-on-one personal counseling
2008-09 - $ 75,000

Resident scholarship fund to help women (with their children) complete a safe path to recovery from alcoholism.

Catholic Charities: food pantry with customers
2009-10 - $ 85,000

Installation of solar panels on the agency's food pantry in order to lower energy costs and increase the Foodbank budget to feed low-income families.

Catholic Charities: food pantry with little girl customer
2012-13 - $ 50,000

Emergency supplemental food and case management to aid low-income families in crisis.

Catholic Charities of Santa Barbara
2018-19 - $ 50,000

Replace a fifty-year-old, leaking Thrift Store roof to protect income-producing inventory that supports programs for low-income clients.

The Cecilia Fund: dentist with patient
2011-12 - $ 50,000

Funding to meet the critical dental needs of the low-income, uninsured residents of south Santa Barbara County.

Noah's Anchorage: one of the new vans
2005-06 - $ 20,000

Noah's Anchorage - Purchase a new van and two computers to help teens in crisis.

2010 Channel Islands YFS girl in red sweater in kitchenette
2010-11 - $ 100,000

My Home at Artisan Court -  Support services for Transitional-age Youth Housing Program at Artisan Court that serves young adults aged 18-21, many of whom have aged out of the foster care system.

Noah's Anchorage Shelter
2016-17 - $ 65,000

Noah's Anchorage - Upgrades in facilities and furnishings to meet new state accreditation requirements.

Childrens Academy graduates happily hugging
2010-11 - $ 75,000

Detailed architectural plans for a residential charter school for foster youth in grades 7-12.

CRR - Story time
2014-15 - $ 80,000

Increase the number of new child care spaces in new Family Child Care businesses.

Little girl in blue playing with glue
2017-18 - $ 65,000

Provide quality child care and business development training for in-home Family Child Care providers

CAC - Seniors at lunch
2014-15 - $ 80,000

Healthy Senior Lunch Program - Provide hot, nutritious lunches to low-income seniors.

Conflict Solutions Center - workshop circle
2014-15 - $ 60,000

Launch a restorative justice model as an alternative to juvenile incarceration.

Doctors without Walls: the team working in a clinic
2012-13 - $ 50,000

Medical care and essential services at the Women's Free Homeless Clinic to unsheltered and marginally sheltered women in a safe, female-only environment.

Doctors Without Walls Street Team
2015-16 - $ 65,000

Provide funds for a fully outfitted mobile medical clinic for examining and treating homeless individuals.

Volunteers at Doctors Without Walls bring medical assistance to homeless people wherever they are - in parks, cars, shelters, on beaches, under freeways.
2019-20 - $ 60,000

Fund a daytime outreach specialist to expand the reach of medical volunteers helping homeless people.

Domestic Violence Solutions: SHARe program teen participents
2005-06 - $ 50,000

Complete funding for SHARe, teen peer education program.

Domestic Violence Solutions: Son kissing happy mother
2009-10 - $ 75,000

Volunteer coordinator, salary support and program costs to assist victims of domestic violence living in the DVS Santa Barbara shelter and in Second Stage housing to achieve stability and self-sufficiency.

Domestic Violence Solutions: playground construction in progress
2013-14 - $ 50,000

Security systems upgrade and safe playground surface.

Old Play Structure
2016-17 - $ 55,000

Replace old playground equipment with a safe, inviting play system for children fleeing domestic violence.

2008 Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy 3 student speakers
2008-09 - $ 150,000

Funding for new building to expand hands-on science and engineering program for high school students.

EasyLift: a new van with yellow-dressed children
2011-12 - $ 65,000

Children's Accessible Transport Van purchase and associated expenses to expand transportation services for low-income children participating in youth-serving programs.

Easy Lift Los Ninos Head Start
2015-16 - $ 55,000

Provide support for the Children’s Accessible Transport program to increase the number of rides.

In addition to scheduled trips, Easy Lift provides short-notice low-cost transportation for seniors and other individuals who cannot use public transport due to physical or mental challenges.
2019-20 - $ 80,000

Enable same-day transportation services for eligible seniors and disabled people. 

2007 Family Services Agency answering Human Services Helpline
2007-08 - $ 95,000

Funds to support the 211 Human Services Helpline and fill the gap when government funding expires in June 2008.

Family Services Agency: two women with jewelry
2011-12 - $ 80,000

Case management to support vulnerable seniors with a comprehensive care system that provides independence and dignity.

2018-19 - $ 65,000

Expand the Holistic Defense Program in the Santa Barbara Public Defenders office to help women stabilize their lives and reduce reoffending.

Unloading food from truck
2017-18 - $ 95,000

Partially fund a refrigerated truck to collect, store and distribute fresh food.

Friends of the Santa Barbara Public Library: little boy at the computer (photo: Natalie Thomson, Photography)
2011-12 - $ 65,000

Literacy learning stations serving young children in all south Santa Barbara County libraries.

2008 Future Leaders of America group with banner
2008-09 - $ 65,000

Latino youth leadership and education program designed to create college-educated, civic-minded role models who give back to their communities. 

Future Leaders of America: the group with the banner
2012-13 - $ 65,000

Training and academic support to promote responsible leadership development for community youth.

Artist rendering of Gardens on Hope
2015-16 - $ 100,000

Provide capital funds to build “Gardens on Hope,” a new low-income senior housing and services facility.

Girl's Inc. of Carpinteria: members of the Eureka! Program
2012-13 - $ 50,000

Support for the Eureka! Program to prepare young girls to attend college and to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

2007 Girls, Inc. happy girls in their red tee-shirts
2007-08 - $ 55,000

Support for a mentoring program focused on girls aged 13 to 18.

Counselor and girl with arms raised to the sky
2017-18 - $ 50,000

Expand an early childhood classroom behavior intervention program  that responds to disruptive behavior for 3-5 year olds in the Goleta Union School District.

A future engineer studies science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics at El Camino Elementary School’s STEAM lab.
2019-20 - $ 65,000

Fund a state-of-the-art STEAM Lab at El Camino Elementary School.

Friends in Children's Park
2015-16 - $ 65,000

Provide funds to build a permanent covered outdoor center at Children’s Park.

2007 Isla Vista Youth Project counselor
2007-08 - $ 60,000

Salaries for a family advocate and a counselor for one year, to replace state funds eliminated in 2007.

Isla Vista Youth Project: playground with slide
2012-13 - $ 50,000

Capital funds to improve the Isla Vista Family Resource Center infrastructure and playground.

Teacher with Children
2015-16 - $ 75,000

Provide child care for low-income families by funding the Children’s Center purchase.

Isla Vista Youth Projects
2018-19 - $ 55,000

Expand Family Advocate program in Goleta Union School District to help low-income parents receive services for basic needs for their family.

Legal Aid Foundation: two women walking
2013-14 - $ 75,000

Domestic violence attorney for women and children.

Youth Interactive: young artist painting sunburst on floor
2013-14 - $ 60,000

Entrepreneurial and job skills programs for underserved youth.

Mental Wellness Center - Ramona and her son, Bobby
2014-15 - $ 60,000

Create support groups for families of teens, newly diagnosed with mental illness.

Safe Parking Program - young woman and her car
2014-15 - $ 80,000

Assist individual and families living in their vehicles.

Palabra: car wash
2011-12 - $ 50,000

Program support, expansion and evaluation of an intervention and prevention program to address local youth-on-youth violence and gang involvement.

Casa Esperanza: man putting on a shoe with assistance
2009-10 - $ 90,000

Fund case management and volunteer training staff to provide homeless individuals and families with services that lead to stable housing and employment.

Casa Esperanza Counselor and Client
2013-14 - $ 50,000

Provide shelter and support to transition women out of homelessness.

PATH Santa Barbara
2018-19 - $ 50,000

Replace 50 shelter beds with new metal beds and bug resistant mattresses for the women’s quarters at the interim-housing shelter.

2008 PathPoint student making presentation
2008-09 - $ 75,000

Rehabilitation specialist providing eviction prevention, crisis prevention, and recovery stabilization services for mentally ill adults impacted by government budget cuts

2007 Peoples' Self-Help Housing kids posing for the camera
2007-08 - $ 50,000

Education Enhancement Program Salary for a third educator in the year-round mentoring program for school-aged children of low-income families from Goleta to Carpinteria

People's Self-Help Housing: tutor working with young student
2013-14 - $ 50,000

Youth Education Enhancement Program After-school/summer educational enhancement programs for children of low-income families.

Computer Lab
2016-17 - $ 60,000

Establish onsite learning centers, providing bilingual tutoring and coaching, at two new low-income housing projects. 

Planned Parenthood Adelamigos: four girls and their mentor
2005-06 - $ 40,000

Support for New Adelante Amigo(as) group that mentors six Carpinteria girls from 8th grade through one year post high school.

The Immigrant Legal Defense Center provides free legal defense for immigrants facing deportation, with the goal of keeping families intact.
2019-20 - $ 65,000

Partially fund an immigration attorney supporting volunteer lawyers representing families facing deportation.

CORE at Santa Barbara Junior High School particiapants on board
2008-09 - $ 70,000

CORE at Santa Barbara Junior High School. Individualized intervention program designed to explore productive choices for at-risk 7th and 8th graders.

2008 Parent Project father with certificate
2008-09 - $ 35,000

Parent Project Parent-adolescent communication training to help strengthen relationships between elementary/junior high students and their families.

2010-11 - $ 95,000

HIPPY - Home Instruction for Parents of Pre-School Youngsters.  Support for a school readiness program that trains parents of at-risk children to become their children's first teacher.

Mobile Waterford: Boy with headphones pointing at computer screen
2010-11 - $ 95,000

Mobile Waterford. Kindergarten readiness and English-language instruction engaging four-year-olds in neighborhoods where they live

Parent Project: parents in classroom
2011-12 - $ 50,000

Parent Project.  Parent education and mentoring classes utilizing a research-based curriculum in ten Santa Barbara Unified School District schools.

Youth Violence Prevention Project: the group together
2012-13 - $ 85,000

Youth Violence Prevention Program Female outreach worker hired to reduce gang-related conflict and violence among at-risk girls in Santa Barbara highschools.

Posse Program: Opening Doors to College: "thumbs up" from two students
2013-14 - $ 75,000

PEAC - Program for Effective Access to College.  Tutorial and mentoring partnerships for high-achieving, low-income students.

Academy for Success class enjoying a round of ice hockey
2015-16 - $ 60,000

Academy for Success.  Expand the mental health program that reduces the number of high school dropouts to all three Santa Barbara high schools.

2016 PEAC Team
2016-17 - $ 75,000

PEAC - Program for Effective Access to College. Increase college readiness and acceptance rates for low-income students by expanding the program to all secondary schools. 

2016-17 - $ 25,000

Accelerated Reader Program.  Improve reading proficiency by expanding libraries in K-3 classrooms in the Santa Barbara Unified School District.

Dyslexia Intervention Program - Teacher reading with 3 students
2017-18 - $ 50,000

Dyslexia Intervention Expansion.  Expands a pilot program to remediate the effects of dyslexia in K-3 students in the Santa Barbara Unified School District.

The nationally recognized suicide prevention program “Sources of Strength” provides training and materials to cultivate supportive connections for students at three Santa Barbara High Schools.  Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens.
2019-20 - $ 90,000

Bring suicide prevention program “Sources of Strength” to 6,000 students and teachers at Santa Barbara High Schools.

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics: Dr. Ramirez at work at the Dental Clinic
2004-05 - $ 105,000

Capped capital campaign for Eastside Family Dental Clinic.

2008 SB Neighborhood Clinics nurse with a little patient
2008-09 - $ 80,000

Computer health tracking system upgrade designed to increase prevention exams and tests for women and to avoid emergency room visits for routine illnesses for women and their families.

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics: doctor with electronic files on computer
2011-12 - $ 100,000

Lead gift to implement an Electronic Health Record system to improve the quality and coordination of health care for low-income patients.

SBNC Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics
2018-19 - $ 70,000

Purchase two compact wheelchair platforms to provide Dental Access for low-income special-needs patients at the Dental Clinics.

A Library-on-the-Go brings the wonder of books to children and families unable to visit a library.
2019-20 - $ 100,000

Fund a Library-on-the-Go mobile van to provide information, training and library services for those with limited access

2006-07 - $ 100,000

Furnishing a Safe Haven Capital Project  Support to remodel interior and furnish equipment for reception area and counseling rooms.

Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center: counselor on phone
2013-14 - $ 50,000

Crisis intervention and long-term counseling services.

Rescue Mission - Outside with the clients
2017-18 - $ 100,000

Renovation of Facilities for Homeless Women Increase the number of beds and build bathroom facilities for women needing emergency shelter.

Sarah House: Party with ladies in hats
2009-10 - $ 40,000

Hospice Care Expansion Sustain staff levels and expand holistic end-of-life residential care for low-income and homeless individuals and those with HIV/AIDS.

Sarah House - birthday celebration
2014-15 - $ 50,000

Resident Assistant Caregiver Support Deliver hospice care to low-income individuals suffering terminal illnesses.

Sarah House
2018-19 - $ 95,000

Renovate their kitchen including new appliances, plumbing, cabinets and flooring for hospice home for homeless and low-income individuals with terminal illnesses.

SBCC Single Parent Achievement Program: graduate with her daughter in her arms
2013-14 - $ 90,000

Child care support for low-income single mothers allowing them to attend college.

Low-income children and adults receive comprehensive eye exams, glasses and medicine at SEE International’s Santa Barbara Vision Care Program.
2019-20 - $ 60,000

Update optometric equipment at the Santa Barbara Vision Care Program and Clinic, expanding free eye care for low-income patients.

Showers of Blessing’s mobile shower/bathroom units provide cleanliness – along with dignity and respect – for people who are homeless.
2019-20 - $ 65,000

Purchase a mobile three-stall shower/bathroom trailer for people who are homeless.

St. Vincent's of Santa Barbara: Mother and daughter reading together
2004-05 - $ 35,000

Housing and Childcare of Low-income Mothers Housing and services for three moms and their children for one year.

St. Vincent's of Santa Barbara:Graduate mother with two toddlers
2009-10 - $ 75,000

Case Management for Homeless Mothers and their Children Case management staff to provide low-income and homeless mothers and their children the Program of Affordable Transitional Housing and Services (PATHS) that works to build independence and self-sufficiency.

2016-17 - $ 60,000

Family Strengthening Program Address legal problems and expand parenting education for single mothers transitioning to jobs and permanent housing.

2007 Storytellers Children's Center - the front porch
2007-08 - $ 150,000

Capital Campaign Lead Gift to Purchase a Second Location Lead grant in a $2.5 million expansion campaign to provide early childhood education for at-risk children at a second facility.

Storyteller Children's Center: little boy with milk "mustache"
2013-14 - $ 50,000

Food program for low-income preschool children.

A Tiny House
2015-16 - $ 50,000

Provide building materials, appliances and the transportation trailer for three “tiny houses.”

2007 Transition House - in the middle of an interview
2007-08 - $ 50,000

Homelessness Prevention Program Salary of one case manager for one year to assist at-risk families in jeopardy of becoming homeless.

Transition House dining room
2014-15 - $ 50,000

Family Homeless Shelter Improvements Install air conditioning and sound proofing in the family homeless shelter.

Transition House
2018-19 - $ 80,000

Provide bridge funding for emergency shelter operations for homeless families with children while agency seeks to replace recently cut government funding.

Twelve35 Teen Center: Address sign on Chapala Street
2005-06 - $ 90,000

Equipment, furnishings for new teen center.

2008 United Boys & Girls Club goup with boy in white t-shirt
2008-09 - $ 80,000

Funds to expand after-school programs for at-risk teens in areas vulnerable to gangs in Goleta, Carpinteria and Santa Barbara's Westside.

Westside Boys and Girls Club: class in session
2012-13 - $ 75,000

Renovation and expansion of its clubhouse to create an educational resource center.

Girls working on an art project
2017-18 - $ 100,000

Replace and rebuild sections of leaking roof for a clubhouse that serves low-income youth in Carpinteria.

2010-11 - $ 65,000

Permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless mentally ill adults and homeless women at risk of becoming victims of violent crime.

Womens Economic Ventures: a new veterinarian practice with a four-legged patient
2012-13 - $ 100,000

Support for a micro-loan fund that assists low-income south Santa Barbara County women in starting or expanding their own businesses.