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Make a Donation to the Grants Pool

Anyone may make a tax-deductible donation to the Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara without becoming a member. A gift donation is a meaningful way to honor a friend, family member or employee. By making a donation to the current year's grants pool, your money goes directly to meet the critical needs of women, children and families in south Santa Barbara County.




Make a Donation to the Endowment Fund

The Women's Fund Endowment was created in response to members and friends who wanted to do more than renew their annual Women's Fund memberships. Members asked how appreciated assets could be donated to the Women's Fund, how contributions could be made to honor or memorialize friends and family, how to name the Women's Fund in bequests. In 2012, we answered those questions with the creation of the Women's Fund Endowment administered by the Santa Barbara Foundation.

The purpose of our endowment is to support the mission of the Women's Fund, ultimately serving as an additional source for our annual grants pool distributed to nonprofits supporting the local needs of women, children and families.

Of course the primary focus of the Women's Fund remains the same: to build a robust annual grants pool through annual memberships and to give all away within the year. The Women's Fund Endowment is an important additional tool, providing another way to support the Women's Fund mission by helping sustain our financial health over time.

To donate to the Women's Fund Endowment, click the button below. For further information read more on our website, or if you would like the chair of the Endowment Committee to contact you, please click here to send an email.




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