Who We Fund

Since 2004, the Women's Fund of Santa Barbara has awarded 121 grants totaling $8,645,000 to local nonprofit agencies. The agencies are using these funds to improve the lives of local women, children and families along the south coast of Santa Barbara County.


We strive to increase the impact of our giving by awarding larger grants whenever possible. All our grants have been over $20,000 and more than 50% have been $65,000 or more. 


The Women's Fund has a unique process that it is member informed. The Research Committee spends countless hours identifying agencies or programs that align with member priorities, meeting with those entities and working on details. This is a thorough, tough, savvy group... No stone is left unturned—financial, program, agency. Even if not funded, each entity is stronger for having gone through the process, receiving new information and practices that improve fiscal and program integrity.

The Research Committee is somehow able to perform their objective due diligence AND support the agency simultaneously!  That's what women do.  

-LuAnn Miller, former Executive Director, Isla Vista Youth Projects, a multi-year Grant Recipient