Get to Know...Health Cares, a new membership group

Leslie and Sabina

To get to know this new membership group, Health Cares, we interviewed Sabina White and Leslie Mathers-Winn.

Some years ago, Sabina started a group, Compassion in Action, and this year she reached out to her UCSB friends and Health Cares was launched. Her good friend, Leslie, agreed to be captain. Sabina, a member of three groups now, gave us some information about her experience with the Women’s Fund.

I first heard about the Women’s Fund in 2013 through a friend who was a member of a group. When I asked her how to join, she was a little uncertain, because she was a new member and understood her group was now full. Feeling a little disheartened and unsure of how to pursue my interest in joining, I put it out of my mind.

Soon after, however, I had lunch with my friend who asked me if I was interested in joining the Women’s Fund Research Committee. I was thrilled to accept after my interview with the committee’s co-chairs. However, joining the Research Committee meant I had to join the Women’s Fund, which required me to either become a member of a group or join as an individual. Since I preferred the group idea, I started one. Thank goodness, it wasn’t hard to interest my book club, and we named ourselves Compassion in Action and added a few additional members. 

I am still serving on the Research Committee, very enthusiastic about the work of our collective efforts, and very committed to helping all interested women join the Women’s Fund.

As the new Group Captain of Health Cares, we asked Leslie Mathers-Winn a few questions about the group.

What is the one word you would use to describe the Women’s Fund?
Generous. I am really happy to be a member of a group of women who are so generous with their time and money.

Why did you join the Women’s Fund?
I like the idea of donating as a group and think it has a very positive impact on the community. Plus, getting to know and enjoy other like-minded women—what’s not to like?

What inspired you to create your group?
Once Sabina “launched us,” several of us asked others to join. We currently have 9 members and are working to increase the membership to 10. I am excited to get started and hope we see more of each other in the future.

What is the significance of your group name?
Most of us know each other through work at UCSB, and many of us work in health care, hence our name Health Cares.

How often do you meet or do you plan to meet?
I would like to meet once per quarter, and we will see if others are interested in joining me!

How does your annual voting process work?
I have no idea! I guess that is one of the things we will learn as we move forward.

What is the one thing you would like people to know about your group?
We are nice and friendly! Come and say hello!

What are the qualities that make you a good group captain?
I am pretty new at this, but I am trying to keep up with the odds and ends—like adding another member—in a gentle but persistent way. We will see if that makes a good group captain or not!


A Women's Fund Interview