Anti-Defamation League

To provide and expand Bias-Free Foundations, "The Early Childhood Initiative of ADL's A World of Difference Institute. This goal of this initiative is to assist caregivers, educators, and families in creating and sustaining bias-free early childhood programs and homes that encourage children to appreciate diversity at any age when the seeds of prejudice can begin to take root. To achieve this goal, ADL's trained facilitators deliver workshops to early childhood caregivers, educators and families while supporting them with additional print resources to use in early childhood programs and homes. When children have positive interactive experiences as part of their regular environments and activities, they develop a healthy appreciation of themselves, along with an appreciation of people who are physically and cultiurally different.

Contact Person: 
Dan Meisel Interim Regional Director or Brianna Moffitt, Director of Education and Community Outreach
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1528 Chapala Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: (805) 564-6670
(805) 564-6670