Our Supporters

These generous partners and special contributors stimulated the Women's Fund success and growth over the decade.


In the early years the Santa Barbara Foundation provided free start-up and administrative support. Their advice and support over the past decade has been invaluable and they remain our partner as well as our fiscal home. In 2017 the Santa Barbara Foundation underwrote the maintenance of our website and database.


Orfalea Foundation contributed close to $900,000 including three matching grants (2006, 2007, 2008) designed to support the collective giving concept, recognize the quality of the Women Fund's volunteer-driven research and attract more members.

Betty Elings Wells contributed more than $500,000 in two matching grants (2010 and 2012), successfully stimulating membership growth and increasing the amount of Women's Fund grants awarded to local nonprofit programs.



The Women’s Fund strives to keep expenses as low as possible so we can maximize the amount of money we grant to local nonprofit agencies. However, when we do have expenses, many Women’s Fund members and local companies help underwrite those expenses so we can keep a low expense-to-income ratio. Here are some of our generous underwriters and supporters in the past year:


MJ Baumgartner

Nan Bedford

Linda S. Burrows

Ashley Butler

Sallie Coughlin

Sarah de Tagyos

Mary Garton

Mary Genis

Melissa Gough

Stina Hans

Nancy Harter

Denise Hinkle

Carole MacElhenny

Ashley Parker-Snider

Christine Riesenfeld

Susan Robeck

Pma Tregenza

Laurie Tumbler

Kathy Wenger

Barbara Hauter Woodward


Community Supporters

Peter de Tagyos

Garden Court, Inc.

Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara

SPARK Creative Events

SPR Images 


Corporate Sponsors

Bryant & Sons, Ltd.

Mission Wealth