2010-11 Grant Recipients

2010 Carpinteria Children's Project at Main costume group of kids
2010-11 - $ 135,000

Staff, computers, literacy software, books and learning materials to outfit the Early Childhood Literacy Lab.

2010 Channel Islands YFS girl in red sweater in kitchenette
2010-11 - $ 100,000

My Home at Artisan Court -  Support services for Transitional-age Youth Housing Program at Artisan Court that serves young adults aged 18-21, many of whom have aged out of the foster care system.

Childrens Academy graduates happily hugging
2010-11 - $ 75,000

Detailed architectural plans for a residential charter school for foster youth in grades 7-12.

2010-11 - $ 95,000

HIPPY - Home Instruction for Parents of Pre-School Youngsters.  Support for a school readiness program that trains parents of at-risk children to become their children's first teacher.

Mobile Waterford: Boy with headphones pointing at computer screen
2010-11 - $ 95,000

Mobile Waterford. Kindergarten readiness and English-language instruction engaging four-year-olds in neighborhoods where they live

2010-11 - $ 65,000

Permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless mentally ill adults and homeless women at risk of becoming victims of violent crime.

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