2013-14 Grant Recipients

Domestic Violence Solutions: playground construction in progress
2013-14 - $ 50,000

Security systems upgrade and safe playground surface.

Legal Aid Foundation: two women walking
2013-14 - $ 75,000

Domestic violence attorney for women and children.

Youth Interactive: young artist painting sunburst on floor
2013-14 - $ 60,000

Entrepreneurial and job skills programs for underserved youth.

Casa Esperanza Counselor and Client
2013-14 - $ 50,000

Provide shelter and support to transition women out of homelessness.

People's Self-Help Housing: tutor working with young student
2013-14 - $ 50,000

Youth Education Enhancement Program After-school/summer educational enhancement programs for children of low-income families.

Posse Program: Opening Doors to College: "thumbs up" from two students
2013-14 - $ 75,000

PEAC - Program for Effective Access to College.  Tutorial and mentoring partnerships for high-achieving, low-income students.

Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center: counselor on phone
2013-14 - $ 50,000

Crisis intervention and long-term counseling services.

SBCC Single Parent Achievement Program: graduate with her daughter in her arms
2013-14 - $ 90,000

Child care support for low-income single mothers allowing them to attend college.

Storyteller Children's Center: little boy with milk "mustache"
2013-14 - $ 50,000

Food program for low-income preschool children.

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