2011-12 Grant Recipients

CASA Woman with child in playground swing
2011-12 - $ 60,000

Case supervisor to work with trained volunteers who act as court-appointed advocates for foster children.

The Cecilia Fund: dentist with patient
2011-12 - $ 50,000

Funding to meet the critical dental needs of the low-income, uninsured residents of south Santa Barbara County.

EasyLift: a new van with yellow-dressed children
2011-12 - $ 65,000

Children's Accessible Transport Van purchase and associated expenses to expand transportation services for low-income children participating in youth-serving programs.

Family Services Agency: two women with jewelry
2011-12 - $ 80,000

Case management to support vulnerable seniors with a comprehensive care system that provides independence and dignity.

Friends of the Santa Barbara Public Library: little boy at the computer (photo: Natalie Thomson, Photography)
2011-12 - $ 65,000

Literacy learning stations serving young children in all south Santa Barbara County libraries.

Palabra: car wash
2011-12 - $ 50,000

Program support, expansion and evaluation of an intervention and prevention program to address local youth-on-youth violence and gang involvement.

Parent Project: parents in classroom
2011-12 - $ 50,000

Parent Project.  Parent education and mentoring classes utilizing a research-based curriculum in ten Santa Barbara Unified School District schools.

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics: doctor with electronic files on computer
2011-12 - $ 100,000

Lead gift to implement an Electronic Health Record system to improve the quality and coordination of health care for low-income patients.

Hector's story

When Hector was 11 years old, he witnessed the torture and murder of his father and brother by the Mexican cartels.

Mary is a 33-year-old mother and the victim of such serious beatings from her husband that she could barely eat, suffering pain and humiliation from her numerous broken and missing teeth.

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