2011-12 Grant Recipients

When Hector was 11 years old, he witnessed the torture and murder of his father and brother by the Mexican cartels. Fearing for his life, his mother sent him to live with his aunt and uncle and their children in Santa Barbara. Although he initially flourished in his new safe environment, by age 13 he had withdrawn from family and friends, becoming depressed, then violent. To some, he became a bully "always looking for a fight" in school and in his Westside neighborhood.

Mary is a 33-year-old mother and the victim of such serious beatings from her husband that she could barely eat, suffering pain and humiliation from her numerous broken and missing teeth. With the help of 2009 WF grantee Domestic Violence Solutions, Mary and her 12-year-old child are now safe and her ex-husband is incarcerated. Thanks to the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics (2004, 2008, 2011 WF grantee), Mary is healing and will have her remaining teeth extracted and be fitted with dentures.

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