2016-17 Grant Recipients

New Home
2016-17 - $ 70,000

Expand the Peace Builders program to prevent bullying at three additional junior high schools.

SAFTY Worker with client
2016-17 - $ 75,000

Expand rapid mobile crisis weekend response for children and youth experiencing a mental health emergency.

Noah's Anchorage Shelter
2016-17 - $ 65,000

Noah's Anchorage - Upgrades in facilities and furnishings to meet new state accreditation requirements.

Old Play Structure
2016-17 - $ 55,000

Replace old playground equipment with a safe, inviting play system for children fleeing domestic violence.

Computer Lab
2016-17 - $ 60,000

Establish onsite learning centers, providing bilingual tutoring and coaching, at two new low-income housing projects. 

2016-17 - $ 25,000

Accelerated Reader Program.  Improve reading proficiency by expanding libraries in K-3 classrooms in the Santa Barbara Unified School District.

2016 PEAC Team
2016-17 - $ 75,000

PEAC - Program for Effective Access to College. Increase college readiness and acceptance rates for low-income students by expanding the program to all secondary schools. 

2016-17 - $ 60,000

Family Strengthening Program Address legal problems and expand parenting education for single mothers transitioning to jobs and permanent housing.

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